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Concept Designs

Talented designers bring dreams to life with innovative concepts, harmonising aesthetics and functionality for a one-of-a-kind space.

Project Designs

From planning to execution, our designs marry meticulous detail with beauty and practicality, ensuring your interior reflects your unique needs.

Make Overs

Revitalise your space with our makeovers—fresh, contemporary designs that breathe energy and sophistication, leaving you and your guests in awe.

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"Experienced and well knowledgeable interior designers."

Preeti, CEO & Founder

About Company

"Discover Our Design Journey"

Kalystic Design is a dynamic Interior Design and Decoration firm, offering end-to-end interior design services from conception to realization. Our mission is to craft innovative and functional interior spaces that mirror each client's individuality and way of life, with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

We prioritize your convenience, providing a hassle-free experience from project start to finish. Beginning with an initial client consultation, we work through design exercises and iterations to ensure the desired outcomes. Once the design is perfected, we manage and oversee project execution to uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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Why We Stand Different In Race

Points Local Brands Global Brands Kalystic Designs
Cultural Fusion Traditional roots in local aesthetics. International styles, sometimes impersonal feel. Universally resonant, blending global-local seamlessly.
Adaptability to Context Struggles with evolving global trends. May lack local sensitivity, adaptability. Contemporary yet rooted in locality.
Sustainability Integration May lag in eco-friendly practices. Varies with regional eco-standards. Holistic eco-practices, globally informed locally.
Client-Centric Approach Deep local understanding, limited exposure. Broad but culturally distant perspectives. Prioritizes personalized global-local synthesis.
Innovation and Creativity Conventional, limiting innovative opportunities. Embraces innovation, sometimes overlooking locality. Balances global trends, injects creativity locally.

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Why Choose Us
  • Personalized Designs
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Quality Materials, Timeless Designs
  • Client-Centric Focus

Personalized Designs

We excel in crafting personalized designs that perfectly match your unique style, ensuring exceptional results.

End-to-End Solutions

Choose us for a hassle-free experience covering everything from consultations to final furnishings, saving you time and effort.

Quality Materials, Timeless Designs

Using top-notch materials and skilled craftsmen, our designs promise enduring beauty and timeless appeal.

Client-Centric Focus

Our dedication to you is evident in open communication and collaboration, ensuring the final design aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Excellent service and best designs   

Best people and best services   

Unique designs and affordable services   

Great work and best services   


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Let's Learn More About eDesign

eDesign is a groundbreaking concept in the realm of virtual interior design, offering innovative solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. This service provides clients with the flexibility to access cutting-edge interior design expertise from anywhere in the world, be it in India or beyond. With a focus on luxury interiors and creative space planning, eDesign brings the essence of sophisticated design right to your fingertips, making the process convenient and accessible with just a click.


Complete our design survey to define your interior and budget preferences. This helps us understand your style, unique tastes, the space you want to design, your design objectives, and your vision for the space.


Creative Spark

If a particular design element inspires you, share inspirational images, online links, or invite us to collaborate on your Pinterest board. Our designers will draw inspiration from your ideas to craft interiors tailored to your vision.


Using the information you've provided, our team of skilled designers develops a comprehensive space plan, furniture layout, color scheme, room elevations, and finish selections, complemented by 3D renderings and a step-by-step implementation guide.

eDesign Unveiled

In conclusion, we email you the finalized design package. This visual package encompasses a floor plan, furniture arrangement, recommended paint schemes, and detailed instructions on how to execute the design independently!

Our Designs

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Here's a look of makeover done by us

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We are an Interior Designer, Who believe in excellence, quality and honesty, yes we design beautiful home interiors.

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Transform homes with our residential design expertise.

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Elevate workspaces with our commercial design solutions.

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Catering to diverse industries, our interior design mastery.


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Our Working Process

Idea & Design

Concepts crafted, your style embraced, in Idea & Design



Meticulous planning, flawless execution – our Specification expertise



Revolutionize spaces through precision execution in every industry

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Our Customer Words

Meera Shinde


Thrilled with the transformation! The design team captured our style perfectly, turning our house into a home. Every detail was considered, resulting in a space that is both elegant and comfortable. Highly recommend their expertise in creating personalized interiors.

Shravani Deshmukh


Exceptional design service! From concept to execution, the team showcased a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality. Our office space now reflects a perfect balance of professionalism and creativity. Working with them was a pleasure, and the results speak for themselves.

Rajesh Patil


Highly impressed with the makeover! The designers brought fresh, contemporary ideas to breathe new life into our living space. The attention to detail, color coordination, and the seamless integration of furniture made the entire process enjoyable. The end result exceeded our expectations, and we now have a home that feels truly revitalized.

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